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My Wolf

Image by steve felberg from Pixabay

My Wolf, I feel him near, I see his silhouette in the beautiful
moonlight amongst the tall trees.
He watches me from a distance, never to approach me. I
feel his solemn voice echoing through my soul as he sings
with the pack deep in the forest this night.
I long to join him, my heart is filled with sadness
in his absence, yet it soars when he is near.
Will he come closer? Will our eyes meet one day?
Will I ever run my fingers through his thick,
luxurious, and silky fur?
I know this wolf. I have always known him,
this exquisite elusive beauty.
So wise and strong. I wait here under the cool
pale light of the moon,
for my wolf to come out of the shadows
and share his wisdom and spirit with me.
Why does such a powerful wolf as he,
seem almost shy in this game he plays?
So close yet just out of reach.
Listen, to the beauty and sadness as it resonates
throughout this night and my soul;
as he throws back his head
and opens his soul and song to this winter moon.
My Wolf

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  1. I live in a neighborhood that has packs of wolves in hills. I felt this beautiful poem in my soul! Keep on writing!

  2. Nice imagery though who is this Wolf and why does this Wolf inspire you? Good luck in your endeavors.

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