Juggernaut Specials

Gone With the Wind

The morning beamed bright when the sunlight flared,
Awakening worlds then asleep in men;
It made them alight from their homely den
While raging winds clavered, determined, dared.
They dared to avenge light that beamed, shone, glared;
Attention was paid but not to the men,
Who, having stepped out of their homes with joys,
Expected a light day that held no ploys.
But shocked was the world at large, oh dear boys,
The next day when observed was the timed news
About some men gone with wind like small toys
That you lose but search not when you say ‘phews.’
Came after the worldly, insane, mad noise,
Which maddened each looking out for some cues,
But storm that wreaked havoc had left no clue
For reasons best known to it; need we rue?
Oh, strange it is (isn’t it?) that we can’t sue
The winds or the storm that did top the men
Possessing thoughts but not one ’bout storms when
The nature questioned the answers due.
Deceased were the bodies while souls well knew
That stories of fate men alive will pen
And strangeness of life led would happen dawn
On those who bide weening life’s never gone.

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