Reverse Poetry

Love and Hate

BEFORE YOU READ | What you are to read is a reverse poem. It is suggested that you first read the poem from top to bottom. Then, read the poem from bottom to top to know the poet’s perspective.

Each who has wronged me does deserve to be abhorred.
And so, not once will I ever want to think that
No one’s my foe and that world’s friendly, lovely, great.
For I’m quite strongly of this sound opinion that
There’s no mates in the real world that we dwell in.
Therefore, I won’t want ever to imagine that
The art of making friends is great, a noble art.
That’s maybe since I’m driven by the feeling that
The more foes you have got, the stronger you grow.
Oh, so I’d better sanely choose not to think that
Your being mad at rivals doesn’t serve any purpose.
For it’s completely fine to have the notion that
The ones who’ve played, betrayed my trust can’t be excused.
Hence, oft I tend not to agree with those saying
I should sure pardon and buttress no burden, load.
My soul believes it’s true when it says to me that
I can’t survive here until I avenge my foes.
And thus, I won’t make sense in weening that
My turning each foe into friend would work magic.
But then, I wouldn’t fail to agree if someone said
I should avenge my foes and best each one of them.
What I’d not want to fancy even once is this:
I love those who have wronged me, and I pardon them.

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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