Acrostic Poetry

Do Your Duty

Your acts of love might go unnoticed but not from your own self;
Business minds say a lot many things, but none I feel will help.
Is running away a solution? You can’t be long in shelf!
With problems aplenty, the Earth stops not, nor does it cry, yelp.
Action done keeping fruit as the sole driving force does no help.
Not thinking fore you do an act though destroys your inner peace;
With yon desecration arrives angst, first seeming like one whelp
The whelp then becomes quite grand, monstrous; as wolf it wolfs you down;
Fruit you keep looking for, but your joy flies away, leaving fouled frown.

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Let each thought causing you harm now cease; strong and brave you shall be!
Not brooding on what’s past does sound wise; exactly what we feel.
The acts you do are not done by you; there’s forces you hardly see.
Fruit, therefore, you’ll not seek even once; let’s just term all this deal!
Of planet that always has foxed us, you’re just a part, I seal.
An act that begets anxiety and dolour is bound to paint you bad.
Action but done with love sets one free; troubles you’ve had then heal.
Drive off what results in pain, anguish, each thought that makes you sad;
You should want to focus on duties that set you free, dear lad.

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