Free Verse Poetry

The Crashing of the Waves

The crashing of the waves
Pummels the sandy beach
And blasts the granite rocks
As the spray swamps the realm
And into the watery cauldron of boiling fury
A solitary walker entices
With a yearning for to plunge
Into the heart of the turmoil
Maybe never to return
Forever into a watery grave to be engulfed
An ending they shrink not from
For the power and might
Of the magnetic force irresistible
From the two elements primordial emanating
Stirred into a frenzy
By the troublemaking wind
Beneath inscrutable skies
Where hovered low a vast moon
That the scene doth regard
With its enigmatic countenance inscrutable
And a sense indescribable of bliss and peace
The human heart with waves ever increasing does befriend
As the spirit yearns for to be slayed
By the great watery dragon
That beguilingly cavorts and froths
Bathed in the spectral light during a king tide sublime

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PS: This poem was initially published on poet D A Simpson’s blog, which you can visit by clicking here.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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