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Returning Ocean’s Call

They were standing on a cliff, facing the wind that seemed to whisper something to them from the long-forgotten past. The Sun was slowly setting, its rays reflected astoundingly by the crystal clear sea.

“Are you going to jump?” he shouted, trying to outvote the wind after they had stood there for what felt like hours.

“I don’t know. But it might feel better than what it feels like now. I have to return the ocean’s call, you see.”

Her words always put him in a state of utter confusion. She was surely wise for her age, nay way too wise. Perhaps.

He was standing a few meters behind her, trying to figure her out. They had known each other for ages; however, this was the first time he realised how she really looked and what she verily felt.

Was she serious about jumping? And what was that crap about the ocean?

“All right, well, what will the ocean have to say about this? You know, after you follow its orders? After you return the calls?”

“It will say…” she trailed off, soon closing her eyes to meditate on her surroundings so she might discourse with the ocean. ‘It tells me I should jump now. And that it will all be over,’ she spluttered.

She turned around to look at him. Her eyes widened, and her lips shaped themselves in a way to look like an innocent smile of a baby.

“That’s all the ocean has to say, Jeremy! It says things will get better! And that I shall have to jump; it also says all my sufferings will be over.” Saying these words, she shook Jeremy by the shoulders, laughing out loud out of sheer happiness.

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Tears started rolling down his cheeks. After all, he was a child! So was she. Both didn’t deserve this a bit. She didn’t deserve to suffer every single day, and he didn’t deserve to watch her freeing herself from her pain.

“Aren’t you happy for me?” she asked him, concerns flooding her lost soul again.

He couldn’t answer her. “Are you going to be taking this step, Elly? For real?” he whispered as that was the only sound he could make. He tried not to cry so that he could see her face, possibly for the last time in this life.

The image finally cleared out for him. She was smiling again. He could behold the real joy on her face, a kind of joyousness he hadn’t witnessed on her face for a very long time.

He’d wanted to ask what he would do without her. He wanted to know what would happen to him when his love was gone.

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“Are you really actually doing this Elly? I need to know, okay? Please! Tell me! Please!” he begged.

“Observe me,” she whispered, letting go of his shoulders.

What transpired after resembled a movie scene in slow motion. She was running to the end of the cliff, and he was standing still, for there was nothing he could do to stop her. She was going to take the deadly leap to end it all! He gathered the strength finally to run after her like a lion chasing a deer. She though had already jumped into the air. She had widened her arms, taking the light away from the Sun as if she were a cursed angel.

He stopped himself at the end of the cliff, looking down as her body hit the rocks underneath.

“Elly!” he yelled.

It was too late.

He was screaming to nobody, but the void that would chum him for the rest of his life. And she? Well, she had returned the call of the ocean. She had drifted away somewhere in the depths of the vast expanse of waters.

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