The Storm in the Dorm

Yon day we did feel the nature’s rage
When the city was hit by a storm;
And like puppies in a little cage,
We were locked, confined well to our dorm.
Oh, we heard the thunder’s rowdy dance
That did put us in a wondrous trance.

And because we all were in a trance,
Our minds were calmed and there was no rage;
In a few minutes we rose to dance
To the beats of the impetuous storm,
Which we sure could harken in the dorm
That resembled then a batting cage.

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And like addicts who’ve been put in cage,
We danced to the music, though not trance.
Soon inside our wild and maddened dorm
We were witness to the warden’s rage;
He entered each room like a piqued storm
Asking us to stay still. Said, ‘No dance!’

But then how could we have stopped yon dance
Which was our sole pastime then in cage?
Oh, we wanted to shout, yell and storm
In spite of the thunder’s soothing trance.
And when we felt we couldn’t hold the rage,
Planned to flee the bleak, depressing dorm.

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When we opened main door of the dorm,
We beheld the nature’s spooky dance
That filled us with horror, magic, rage;
We escaped when horrors of the cage,
Our minds did again go into trance,
For we sighted yon rude, reckless storm.

Oh, the storm thus ended in the dorm;
So existed no rage in the cage;
Boy, we did dance outside to a trance!

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