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The Departed Humanity

The Moon has lost its lustrous beauty,
And the Sun its radiance.
The nightingale refuses to sing its song;
It has lost its audience.

The people are devoid of compassion,
And the lovers are unfaithful.
Everywhere the hearts are utterly empty,
But the hatred’s filled full.

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The world, occupied with greed and power
Has assailed the humanity.
Now the souls are all clearly empty;
Are they to be replaced by insanity?

Where has the humanity gone?
Have looked everywhere but in vain!
Is it frosted by the winter’s snow
Or washed by the summer’s rain?

For sure, the humanity has departed,
Retreating to a faraway land.
Where the materialistic mind can’t reach,
Untouched by its greedy hand.

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Image by jplenio from Pixabay

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