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Tea Time With My Nightmare

BEFORE YOU READ | This short story, initially posted on, is primarily written for school goers and learners of the English language. Since it is easy to read and comprehend, we’d appreciate it if you read it out loud to the kids at your home. We believe they’d love it. We’d like to mention that this story has been published here with the author’s permission.

It used to haunt me.

It used to follow me in my dreams. For every step I took, it was right behind me. Watching me. Making it hard for me to breathe, making me nervous.

One night I dreamt of sunny islands with amazing beaches full of black sand under white rocks and cliffs. I was sitting on the beach, throwing small purple stones into the crystal blue water. That was exactly when I felt it creeping up on me.

I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the water. I, however, could feel it slowly crawling behind my back, ready to kill me and finish it all.

Suddenly and to my surprise, the whole place turned dark. I could see nothing but sheer darkness. And then, I felt its breath on my skin. And the breath, clearly a monster’s made me wriggle like a snake. Soon enough, the creature was right on top of me, seemingly waiting for the right time to strike.

My legs and arms completely froze, and I realised there was nothing I could do except closing my eyes and waiting for the inevitable to happen.

“I have been waiting for this moment,” I heard it say even as it reached its hand to pick me up from the floor and, without a shadow of a doubt, eat me.

“Welcome to my humble home!”

And when I finally opened my eyes, I saw the giant place lit up with torches attached to the walls. It looked like an empty cavern. I finally dared to look into my nightmare’s eyes. It was staring back down at me. And smiling!

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“I know it doesn’t look very nice and friendly, but please, do sit down.”

The colossus put me back down on the floor where I stumbled and fell on my back. “Oh, I am so very sorry,” it said, grabbing me with its giant black fingers, and helping me stand up.

Why was the creature being so nice to me? It was supposed to eat me alive, wasn’t it?

“Well, like I said,” continued the monster when I was finally standing back on my feet. “I am thrilled to meet you; I have been trying to communicate with you for months now. Truth be told, I would be supremely honoured if you joined me for a cup of tea.”

The colossus looked awkwardly shy, almost starstruck.

“Would you? Join me for a cup of tea, I mean.”

I nodded in astonishment.

The creature turned around, and out of nowhere a giant table upon which rested two cups – a large one and a small one – appeared.

“I assume you would prefer Earl Grey, would you not?” it asked me and grinned mysteriously. I nodded again, too shocked to utter a word. Earl Grey was, after all, my favourite.

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“Oh, where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself. My name is William, but people call me The Demon of Tea.”

Well, at the moment, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. The Demon of Tea?

William, nonetheless, looked a little offended when I’d laughed.

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“No… No, of course not. I’m sorry, I’d thought you were a terrible monster, trying to eat me.”

William guffawed at that and let out a wheeze. He then said, “Eat you? Of course not! I do not eat people. I only need tea to survive. As a matter of fact, I was feeling a little lonely here at my cave, and I thought you’d be an excellent companion!”

Oh, yeah! It used to haunt me. But it doesn’t anymore.

William and I friended each other that night. Eventually, we became the best of friends.

The Demon of Tea still visits me every night, takes me to his cave, and makes me a cup of Earl Grey. We have our cup of tea, laugh a while, and in the mornings, I get back to my room.

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