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Rose and Eros


Why so special a man really is?
For his feelings, actions, power to pursue, learn and teach!
Feelings of love, a major chunk of human thought;
Eros instils such feelings mostly, modulates sperm to zygote!

How does love have its genesis, impact regal?
Rosy lips lending a hooking smile, watching response through shoulder?
Eyes flashing or slanting sometimes, speaking admiringly with the eyes,
Colourful world explored, extolled, dreams displaying rainbows sans skies!

Hued petals of a rose and smile introducing intimate heart,
Ceremonial gathering cement the sentiments ignoring awhile the rest;
Many a rose silently smile, silently spread the natural aroma,
Looking for loved one’s affirmative gesture, negative foiling entire drama.

Not mere alternating arrangement of letters between ‘rose’, ‘Eros’;
The former plays a histrionic role in the physical world,
The latter latent as a prime- mover, a significant chord;
Everyone human sings or hums, elders apparently address as dross.

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  1. Thank you so much dear B. Sudharsanji for placing my poem in your vibrant forum. Feeling fortunate being a participant in such a vibrant literary forum .

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