Free Verse Poetry

In the End

I’m feeling the stony path
under my naked feet,
sending with every step
a swinging vibration
crossing my limbs like a ripple.
Life shows itself in movement
pervading me like an electric stream
My vivid mind fevers to face a question:
Where is the path’s destination?
And where do I wish to go?

Time, a faithful companion
provides calmly expected answers.
Slow down,
observe the tiny things near you,
then amplify your view,
move on with speedy pace,
placing your eyes on the wide horizon.
Alter the vision to comprehend
life’s design is never defined.

You can listen to many human voices
reaching from near and far.
By observing your inner advice
like a wisely guiding star,
you will identify the core of your journey
slither not into an inscrutable mist of worry.
On your stony path, you’ll find surprises,
ponder what to take what to throw,
if they are joyful or evil, you know.
Therefore nothing will be clear.
Only in the end
you can see and understand
the whole achievement!

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Image by dana-mapfactor from Pixabay

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