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I Long to Write a Poem

I long to write a poem
One that’s so sublime
That everyone who reads it
Concedes it’s truly divine

Using words so illustrative
That they catalyze your wonder
As vivid as a lightning bolt.
And resounding as its thunder

I’d write of future, past and present
And I’d arrange them so synchronic
When read these words onto yourself
They’re audibly harmonic.

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To be the best, above the rest.
There is a test of time.
A poem must have beauty, love
And honesty mixed into a rhyme

The beauty I would write of
Would surely be your smile
The way it has enamored me
And left me in beguile

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Oh, the words to write of love
I think you must already know’em.
Deep desire, heart and soul
Would have to go into this poem

Honesty is honestly probably
The most important.
Without it there, to show I care
The harmony is just discordant.

Now I’m almost thru, except the cue
That brings this altogether
That yes it’s true, these poems you
And I will love you always and forever

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  1. The poem is sumptuous and strong. Loving and enchanting. It guides the reader to a place deep in the soul. It feels beloved.

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