Free Verse Poetry

It’s You

It’s you.
All along it’s been you,
You who make me feel this way.
Each stare makes my heart dance,
Each spoken word sends my soul to soar.

Your voice is music to me,
The kind that makes you wish the song would never end.
I could travel the seven seas within your beautiful eyes,
And to get lost in them would truly be a blessing.
To love a beauty such as yourself is an honor I hardly deserve,
For you bring out the best of me.

Like the shining sun,
You brighten my life with every smile.
Like the morning breeze,
You hold me in sweet serenity.

Everything you do for me is surely divinity,
Of that which someone like me is unworthy.
But you choose me anyway,
Again and again with every waking morning.

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Image by Karen Warfel from Pixabay

Your laughter makes my soul weep for joy,
Your smile sets my heart ablaze.
If our love be a garden,
Then we’ve tended to it well.

Between the two of us is such an indescribable love,
The depths of which are incomprehensible.
Whenever life comes to howl and scream,
We stand tall and face it head on –
With your hand in mine.

We support each other,
Comfort each other,
Fight for each other,
Adore each other.

For you I would give thee everything I have,
And yet you don’t ask for a thing.
Blessed am I amongst all people,
For my love is an angel.

My fondest hope is that I may be everything for you that you are to me.
My deepest prayer is for the two of us to never part.

It’s you that I love.
I always have, and I always will.
I love you,
Forever, always, and infinitely.

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