‘Never Stop Believing in Yourself’

Twenty-nine-year-old Nissha Nirmal Kumar started writing about seven years ago. She was a college-goer at the time, who’d desperately wanted to be known as a published author soon. The dream, however, became a reality only in 2020, courtesy the pandemic. Speaking to the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction, the Indian author, who can speak Tamil and Telugu besides English, says she tends to write during the night when her brain is active. ‘I find it hard to stop the flow of words in her head. I pen my thoughts down on my phone in order that I can incorporate them in my works later when I find the time. That way, I get my work organised, and I miss out on nothing,’ she tells us. 

Nissha Nirmal Kumar


Speaking about her published novella entitled ‘The Unbreakable Thread’ published last year on Amazon, Google Books, and Notion Press, Nissha says it is a romantic fiction in the new adult genre. ‘It is based on a Japanese legend. It deals with two souls who are destined to meet each other,’ she shares with us, clearly not willing to divulge more details.  

On being asked if she considers herself a pantser or plotter, the former engineering student tells us that she has the storyline and the main characters planned in her mind. ‘The main incidents and side characters get created as the story develops,’ she lets us know. 

Nissha Nirmal Kumar’s debut novella is entitled ‘The Unbreakable Thread’

‘J K Rowling Is My Role Model’

Stating that J K Rowling is her all-time favourite, Nissha says she loves the author of the Harry Potter series fame for how she carries her stories. ‘She is splendid. You just can’t stop reading her stories. And you can’t stop looking forward to reading the next part too,’ she guffaws. ‘J K Rowling is my role model and a great source of inspiration to me,’ she declares.

Currently residing in the coastal city of Chennai, the author lets us know that besides writing, she likes watching movies. ‘Also, I often listen to peppy numbers since they keep me refreshed,’ she shares. Nonetheless, Nissha quickly goes on to stress that she devotes most of her day’s time to reading and writing. ‘Becoming an author was a dream I’d cherished since childhood. I’m ecstatic that I’m living my dream now,’ she tells us with a smile. 

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‘It’s Okay to Make Mistakes’

Be that as it may, does she have any works in progress? ‘Of course,’ pronounces the author, who is currently looking after two of her cute little kids, both less than six months old. ‘I am working on a poetry book. It is a composition of incidents we as humans have to go through,’ she lets on. When asked if she has something to tell budding authors who lose motivation if a few of their works don’t do well, the author says, ‘Never stop believing in you. You are awesome, and you are always ready.’ She adds, ‘Mistakes may happen, but that’s okay. You can learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.’ 

As the conversation draws to a close, we ask her if she would like to change anything in the world we dwell in, and she says she would like to figure some way so each individual may realise that ‘something’ that will lead them to great heights. ‘I just wish each had the innate ability to discover their real worth,’ states Nissha, bidding us a warm adieu.

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