Free Verse Poetry

From the Kingdom of Ice

Gales from the kingdom of ice
With teeth of iron and talons of brass
Maraud rampant through the darkness of night
Brutal vandalism despotic indescribable
For to inflict visit upon the slumbering hamlet of innocence
That cleaves to its tranquil shoreline sanctuary
Beneath the lofty terracotta heights majestic
That rise in a sheer wall inscrutable
Above the serene bay bejeweled
As the brute winds merciless
Like a vast river at the realm do rush
For to pick off the feeble and the despairing
As trees and fences fall at the opening salvo
With faces blanched and by much dread afflicted
As to the ground from whence they came
They now far too soon do return
Beneath the impassive regard of the opal moon
As a volley of easterly winds wrathful
Gathers momentum the full force of its merciless ire
For to inflict until its fury entire is finally spent
When the bully tyrannical away from its victims shall slither and shrink
As it fades to nought now dispelled disarmed
And into a nothingness insubstantial does recede
At the sight of the bright star of morn flamboyant
The very eye of the empyreal heavens
Whose balmy warming rays and brilliant lucent light resplendent
Do now verily disarm and defeat the brute monster insubstantial
With a glorious radiant wall unyielding
Of dazzling incandescence undimmable

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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