Backward Poetry

With the Lord, You’ll Get All

This world is such an illusion! It’s a dream we misconstrue as reality.
I when cogitate about the world and its ways, I am always left dumbstruck;
Oh, this world makes me cachinnate, ululate, forget, recall, face, and duck.
There’s nothing logical here! I ween there’s no technicality.
Don’t you think a world exists that does mirror the ultimate truth?
A world with bodies that never turn old, where we find just youth…
I wish to dwell in that world that causes these causes.
Well, the chaos we see, the mess heard, the smells we smell…
A world where death exists not and none hear the knell.
God bides in such a world, my soul supposes!
World that’s a million times larger than ours…
Thank God, be happy, ponder the world
Where orbs are gardens with flowers
If you want to trod that world
Live the life here fully.
Do repent your sins.
You’ll get back life.
With the Lord,
You’ll Get


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Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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