Free Verse Poetry

Christmas Was Near

The excitement of knowing that Christmas was near
A scent you could smell in the air
That innocence of childlike hoping
To reap all your dreams would dare
The anticipation of Christmas Eve
Of waking to the perfect gift
Of music with bells, and Christmas roast smells
To these moments my sleeping eyes drift
Of fairy lights sparkling
And the contrast from the warmth to bitter cold outside
The cheery disposition of all who you love
The tipsy pudding smiles, rosy and wide
The togetherness of love and happiness
The enchantment past Christmases achieved
The magic of hearing sleigh bells in the night
Because you truly believed
Pulling your covers up tightly
Fixating on the starry sky
Sure that if you squinted
You’d see a sleigh whooshing by
It might be 3am and I’m wakeful
But to be anywhere there’s no better place
Than watching the moments bygone
That put the biggest smiles on my face
And as I watch the memories dance over my head
And the reveries flicker in the light of the stars
I make a wish that my children, many moons from now
Will reminisce over Christmases with a smile,
And just as much love in their hearts

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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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