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Santa Is With You

By the warm log fire he sits in his old, loved rocking chair,
Rested from his journeys with snow still in his hair.
No longer donned in reds and whites, but a warm, fluffed, dressing gown,
For Santa needs his sleep now after flying round each town.

But don’t think now that he just rests till Christmas comes a calling;
Just ‘cos he’s hung up all his reds, don’t think he just lays snoring,
For every moment of our lives, Santa lives and breathes,
In every gift that you give out and all that you receive.

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He makes his list throughout the year, but not all have to wait,
For giving and receiving love is in each and every day.
But no longer in his bright red robe, he isn’t often found;
He jumps, one outfit to the next, on ever-moving ground.

One day, a kind rich stranger, the next a sweet old man,
But every suit he wears, he gives love all he can.
But know that he may choose to dwell in any place you see,
From the king inside the Palace to the pauper on the street.

For Santa visits everyone, in every walk of life,
Giving love and hope throughout the year, until its Christmas time.
But know that Santa also likes to test his own reflection;
And loves to see if giving is also your intention.

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So next time that you see a soul struggle through the day,
Think of how your Santa would bring love to fill their day,
And every gift that you receive, be grateful and feel blessed,
Knowing Santa’s with you and that his love never rests.

But now he sits by the fireplace aglow with all that sherry;
With the memories of those warmed minced pies rumbling round his belly.
Let’s leave him now, so he can sleep, let him dream this day away.
Sweet dreams, dear Santa, you are loved today and every day.

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Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay

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