Acrostic Poetry

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Making great pies, baking them nice 
Evenings are filled with many joys.
Raucous laughter doesn’t get softer;
Ring holy bells sounding no ploys.
Yelling, we roam streets wanting toys.

Carrying gifts, comes the Santa;
He guffaws upon seeing us.
Riddling and giggling, he dances,
Illuded by the merry fuss. ย 
Santa shakes the bag he carries,
Times each move ere catching a bus;
Merry Christmas! He hoys cool gifts.
And says, ‘You shall grow happy thus.’
Shouts of elation now, no fuss.

As we return to our lit homes,
New thoughts do replace the old ones;
Doubts decline while we dine on buns.

Hankering after peace, we pray
As the New Year says to us, ‘Hi!’
Power and fame we will seek not,
Peace and joy but shall not say ‘bye!’
Yearn we for life with no sad sigh.

New year shall bring new hopes, we hear,
Ending all enemies of progress;
We therefore learn we won’t regress.

Year begins with renewed vigour,
Eases the hardships, pain we bore.
Allaying our inhibitions,
Restores cheer, says, ‘Spirits shall soar.’


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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