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The Dutch Siren

BEFORE YOU READ: The piece you are about to read is excerpted from the Lost Fabulas by Kamille Alexandra. The Lost Fabulas is a project of poems and novellas the author started in her early teen years. It tells the folklore of fictitious universes belonging to an unprecedented place and time.

Don’t become like seafoam for hopeless love. Don’t be like the Dutch siren who gave up her home and Father into arms that wouldn’t catch her. And don’t be like the lost mermaid who gave up God’s gift to her for a man. All that will be waiting for you is the cold sea. When you pucker your lips, all that will come to meet. You are the frigid waves, and they’ll drown you along with your naive dreams. They’ll pull you to the bottom of the ocean in their indifferent embrace. Years from now when you are turned to stone along with your heart by the constant rough caress of currents, men will drag you up again in their fishing nets. 

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They’ll peel off the barnacles which served you as armour and pull out your hair which they mistook for seaweed. They’ll gamble their liquor for your limbs before trading them at coastlines. They’ll fondle your breasts for luck before mounting what’s left of your torso on the front of their ships, to break the severity of the winds that meet them. Winds the Lord sends in His anger at your folly and man’s; winds the Lord sends in return for your heathen sacrifice of His love for a man’s. And when those same men deem you shipshape no longer, too old and no longer fair in their eyes, they’ll replace you with another idol and cast you coldly to the sea once more. Like in Ezekiel’s Faithless Bride, perhaps the Lord will pity you and take you back again as the “Daughters of the Air” did for the lost sea maiden of years long past. Perhaps He’ll take mercy on your folly. Perhaps He will, but let this be a reminder to you and your daughters, and your daughters’ daughters: don’t be like the Dutch siren.” 

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