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Oscillations of Consciousness

One hundred million cups of water
floating in an endless ocean
One hundred billion drops of rain
which linger in the air

One hundred clouds
now filled to swollen;
oceans all the same
One hundred years
of transience,
four hundred cycled
seasons, changed

Liquid sunlight
drips into a sea of blue
from parts
which hover
out of view

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Condensed is sodden air
containing memories
within its bounty

Cyclical are storms of sadness
Starsheen parts the clouded skies
Eternal is the endless ocean
Fading are the tides

A drop of light in aether
unto thee, collective breadth,
sends ripples to the edges
of the vessel

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From what source is metaphysical water;
and how steamy spirits linger in the air;
what is One – the godhead all-becoming;
whence does dense disparity compare?

Who am I who melts to never being?
What exists in transience, renamed?
Ever is the Ohm in om’nous humming
thru transpiring ripples in the waves.

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NOTE: This poem was initially posted on It has been published here with the author’s permission.

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

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