Day: 25 December 2020

Davide Mana’s Awe-Inspiring Story

While Mr Mana tries to keep a schedule, writing from 10 AM to 5 PM, with a short break for lunch and several pauses, he concedes that many unexpected events tend to shatter his schedule. โ€˜But thatโ€™s life I guess,โ€™ he states. โ€˜Also, I sometimes just sit at the keyboard and write for the fun of it โ€“ without a deadline or a target market, or a contract. Especially when the going gets rough, and it happens, writing is a good way to clear the mind and stop worrying about those things you canโ€™t control anyway,โ€™ he adds.

The Dutch Siren

Winds the Lord sends in His anger at your folly and manโ€™s; winds the Lord sends in return for your heathen sacrifice of His love for a manโ€™s. And when those same men deem you shipshape no longer, too old and no longer fair in their eyes, theyโ€™ll replace you with another idol and cast you coldly to the sea once more.

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