A Hawaiian Writer’s Inspiring Tale

Tabitha Womack wrote her first piece of fiction in third grade after having enrolled for a state-wide young author’s contest. At the time, the writer, currently living in a jungle in Hawaii, was more interested in the illustration possibilities than the plot. Speaking to the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction, Ms Womack, who concedes that her debut book entitled ‘Storm of Emotions’ was ‘garbage’, states she took close to fifteen years to come up with it. ‘It was published by Authorhouse in 2007. And I continued to work on it until Covid-19 hit this year. Now, one can find the book on Amazon,’ she tells us.

Tabitha Womack

Fortunately Unfortunate

Ms Womack wrote the Christian superhero series entitled ‘Science, Meet God’ while being crippled for four years. She tells us, ‘I had knee surgery when I was twenty-three. Then, later on, I was terribly crippled. I was on the verge of paralysis before a doctor finally recognized that my spinal column was severed in half by slipping disks. I had spinal surgery in 2014. The healing process was slow and painful. I would like to thank a nurse named Cliff once again for being the best nurse a girl could ever hope for.’

Stressing that being locked in a cage that is your own body is emotionally agonizing, Ms Womack shares that before the surgery, she would dance all the time; and hence, not being athletic anymore broke her heart. ‘It was as if half of my soul had died. It was hard on my whole family. I had a choice. I could have pouted and whined about it, but I chose to use it to create something useful and positive. Science, Meet God was born thus,’ explains the author, who never outlines her plots and to whom each scene unfolds initially as character development. ‘Someday, we all have to be accountable for the use or squandering of our talents, and I want to have done well and been faithful,’ she states.

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‘I Adult Reluctantly’

A lover of classics, the author, says that Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the prolific works of Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespearean plays will always be close to her heart. ‘I also like reading Maya Angelou, J K Rowling, and Langston Hughes. The modern authors that I’ve come to enjoy are Iris Johansson, Janet Evanovich, J D Ron Howard Hendrix, and Michael Crichton,’ she adds. 

Stating that she tends to get most of her writing done when a muse strikes, which happens at random times, including in the middle of the night when she is unable to sleep, Ms Womack makes it clear that whenever an epic story idea does strike, she always notes it down. And although Ms Womack writes when she is very driven or when a creative streak spikes, she lets on that when she has to adult, she reluctantly does it. ‘I’ve already raised my kids, so I don’t have to juggle them with writing anymore. Also, I’m a painter,’ she shares, adding, ‘Oh! A shout out to Lucy’s Cantina in Hilo, where I displayed my art free for two months!’ 

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‘Nobody Can Stop You But You’

An author of seven books, all of which are sequels, Ms Womack, who can also speak Spanish, says that becoming an author was a conscious decision of hers. ‘I love it, so God willing, I will continue,’ she pronounces. On being asked if she has something to tell budding authors who tend to lose motivation if and when their works don’t do well, Ms Womack says that she would ask them not to give up. ‘Nobody can stop you but you unless you’re horrible beyond redemption. In that case, move into your closet and hum Kenny G to soothe your emo ego,’ she says. And is there a thing that she would want to change in the world? ‘Corporate greed outweighing the interests of the sentient beings of Earth,’ the author answers, signing off with a smile.

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