Acrostic Poetry

Blind in Love

He to Her

Love is sure in the air is what I hear;
Seeks not the feeling one thing in return.
No pity, no enslavement, no face stern;
Reward it needs not, it’s in each and near.
Love doesn’t ask to be loved, says no to fear;
Is the feeling wanting to joy our turn?
Its own heart does burn, letting no one burn;
Reward of love is love itself, that’s clear.

We can be each other’s love if you will;
Shall I beseech you thus to feel my love
So both may joy in little things, have fun?
Be guided not by fame but one’s own will!
In shame, guilt and regret we shan’t down bow;
Love. Oh, that feeling we should not once shun.

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She to Him

I know you know well how it feels to love;
Couldn’t ask for more from God, am so sure.
Love you dear to the sky there, look above;
You have a clean heart, thoughts yours are quite pure.

More than your love, what matters is just you;
Than you, nothing shall matter, I say clear.
I am thus your friend, and that’s a cue;
Do not betray, if you should, I’ll not near.

Now, tell me if we can make love right now,
But utter not a word, for eyes yours speak.
I shall decipher your thoughts, take a vow;
Know that with eyes mine I shall make you weak.

I’ll blind you in the name of friendship, love;
Tomorrow I’ll be off flown like a dove.

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