Free Verse Poetry

We Shall Meet Again

Days are gone by
watching the worlds collide
and nights sleep listening to
intriguing talks of the stars
My sky-high ego, they fly
to catch a glimpse of exploited glamour
of the versatile moon in your sky

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My asymmetric assumptions, they bury
twisted tales of absurd desires
How I learn to hide my wound and heal
worshipping the new face of the devil!
A filthy business to revamp my soul
coated with skimmed pinks
of the blood moon from your sky

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A tremor I feel often in my body
Nothing feels like home to me
Wish some roads will take me ahead this time
Kisses from restless hearts
seemed so obsolete,
none of us would have held on to it!
Leap after leap, a machine I shall build
to bring back,
the dark legacy of sensuality and love
to stand before you, me
and everything around us
We shall meet again swimming in the stars…

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