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Paper Birds

We thought we were eagles
soaring high in the sky
We thought we’d live forever
That we’d never die
We thought we were stronger
Than steel and concrete
Our race was ours
No need to compete
But life is fragile
And even eagles tire
We were just paper birds
In the hands of fire
But the words they conceal
Will live on in our name
Our thoughts in the folds
Will be whispered in the rain
For our legacy isn’t about the strength
Of our bodies, but of our soul
Fill our paper birds with love
And we’ll never truly grow old
And we’ll never truly fade
Write our names in the heavenly sky
Forever immortal are our pages
Paper birds fly
Forever lasting in black and white
Is the writer’s legacy
Words on a page
Will be our poetic reverie
But the love we give will be
The greatest story our children will have told
In the hearts of our loved ones
Are the love letters they’ll forever fold
We thought we were eagles
Paper birds in the sky
In the creases of our love letters
Is how paper birds forever fly

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