Rhythmic and Metric


I wandered lonely as a cloud,
polluting skies above the hills
as governmental rule allowed
these poisoned fumes and toxic spills,
the skin of filth upon the lake,
it spoke of Mankind’s worst mistake.

Continuous, the landscape coarse
and choked by urbanite decay,
I tried to sing but sounded hoarse;
a tuneless note of dank dismay,
ten thousand trampled daffodils
destroyed by deeds and dollar bills.

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Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

The trees beside me groaned and flexed
with heavy limbs and trembling leaf,
they knew for sure their death was next
and wept to me in abject grief,
I bowed my head in deep respect
for victims of the architect.

Now often as I rest my head
and dwell upon the lines we crossed
I choose to kindle hope instead,
remind myself not all is lost-
the vase upon my windowsill
contains a single daffodil.

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ENGAGE WITH EXPRESS: The poem you have read is composed by Jim Khan, a renowned poet from England. It is an homage to William Wordworth. You can purchase Mr Khan’s latest book of poetry by clicking on the cover image of the book underneath. The proceeds from the sales of the book will directly go to a UK Housing Charity.

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