Free Verse Poetry

The Hero Within Me and Humour

The Hero Within Me

The hero within me
struggles with earthly sufferings
touching with hands human misery
pushing myself into the abyss of conscience.

A dream of an ideal world is the foothold
guided by an immense force called love
Rising from the depth like the sun,
my hero is grabbed on a rope of strong belief
spilling out blood and sweat.

Sensing the mass of human boundaries
so overwhelming and disheartening,
love dissolves the choking ghost of fear.
Hidden talents hit the surfaces
breaking down walls that should never exist

Intuitive sensitive eyes are powerful
to instill confidence in need
reaching with compassionately doing
our highest divine being.

A generous hand is a rebirth for humanity’s existence.

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Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay


Laughing sweetens life
rocking our heart
away from the center of normality
shaking muscles, nerves and bones
feeling alive in a comical reality,
raising our soul in juggling bubbles
staying out for a while from all the struggles.

Humour contemplates life with a lasting smile
observing deeper flowing waters,
touching the essence of human’s life.
Detected the hilarious part of our stories
humour ties an empathetic bond between
the cores of our difference,
overcoming in the air lingering fallacy.
Humor doesn’t even ask about your origin
when it puts a twinkle on every face,
happily expanding our breath to the world,
turning it into a place of joy and clemency
taking life not too seriously.

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