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Connected as One

Two eyes are persuasive; one eye sees the truth.
Two eyes are the questions; one eye is the proof.
Two eyes have a shelf life; one eye never dies.
Two eyes see in front of them; one eye’s beyond the skies.

In two eyes, we observe; in one eye we connect.
Two eyes make judgements that one eye rejects.
Two eyes show this one life, one eye shows the rest.
Two eyes watch the lesson; one eye takes the test.

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So choose your vision wisely, use one, use two, use both,
For balance we do strive for; balance aids our growth.
Two eyes can appreciate the love we see this time,
But one eye holds eternal love from every life and line.

Limited with two, but connected as one,
Each eye holds the secrets of all still to come.
Allow two eyes to close; open up your third,
And allow that eye to guide you to your love in every world.

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Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

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