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Broken Times and Budapest

Broken Times

I felt as my mind stepped into the old garden
Seeing the flowers
That could bloom with my fears
And a broken empty fountain
That could be filled with my tears
And an old statue
For which my soul could call home
Feeling the past but being in the present
Hearing the voices even though there’s nobody there
Hearing the music without a source
Living my life in this hole of broken times

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I’m walking down your streets.
Trying to remember everything I saw,
So I don’t forget.
Feeling your spirit – past, present and future.

As I see my reflection in the Danube,
My heart beats in sync with it.

Seeing the happiness in the eyes
Of your people.

Trying to count all of your bridges
Connecting the two halfs
And making them one.

Looking down from the Fisherman’s bastion
On your sunlit soul
And blue sky above you.

Running down the yards behind the Buda castle,
Thinking about people of the past.

Heroes square radiates bravery and freedom,
Awakening the daring nerve inside of me.

I haven’t seen you in a while, my friend.
But I still remember the time we’ve spent together;
Pictures of you are still vivid in my memory –
A part of my soul will always be there with you.

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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