Rhythmic and Metric

No Attitude, Just Gratitude

I see, I be, I walk, I talk;
Each morning I rise with a smile.
I read, I feed, I rock, don’t mock,
Have to cover many a mile.

I live, I give, I know, I go;
Oft journey to places forlorn.
I tend, I bend, I sew, don’t crow;
Never feel sad, hopeless, or lone.

I speak my mind, try being kind
And help whomsoever I can;
At times I’m called one of a kind,
for in winters I turn on fan.

The Sun I sight to catch its might,
and the Moon I see when it’s shown;
The stars tell me great tales at night,
only I don’t speak on the phone.

I write, I right, I weep, I sleep;
With my parents I often chat.
I love, don’t cow, I leap, I keep,
keep trust, good conduct, a weird cat.

But who does all of this through me,
and who am I to always thank?
I see a tree, a silent sea;
I’d better express gratitude in this bank!

I ponder in utter wonder
if I ought to thank someone great;
Someone who saves me from thunder
when during rains overflows this lake.

I think of the poor, those who lure,
lure people with money and charm.
Then I crosscheck to just be sure
if my famille suffers no harm.

The past at times does haunt my mind
but I busy myself with chores.
I thank my foes, my comrades close,
for closing and opening their doors.

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I thank my mum for being a mum,
for not being mum when I was wrong;
To my dad for being my best chum,
I’m quite thankful, almost a song.

To water that cleans, carrying the dirt,
I so express my heartfelt thanks;
To the Earth that sustains my birth,
I bow down and say, ‘Many thanks.’

I thank those who do read my work,
and I thank those who never read.
Grateful to those who call me berk
and come to me just when they need.

I thank you, and I thank the few
who know the value of gratitude.
I’m grateful for every cue
that keeps a check on my attitude.

In short, let’s say, I’m thankful to all,
those wise and those who’d want me fall.

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Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay

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  1. Absolutely loved this one. I’m grateful for having the opportunity of reading that! You’re amazing!

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