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Identity Crisis, Judas’s Kiss, the Mermaid

Identity Crisis

Sometimes I regret the way I am
After failing to be someone else
Maybe alternate reality is a sham
But it isn’t enough to be myself.

Acting as if I’m without integrity
My mimicry knows no limitation
Inspired by individuals too pretty
The inspiration becomes imitation.

I’ve lost sight of my own destiny
Blinded by those I used to trust
They couldn’t see the best in me
Making a star settle for stardust.

I know I sell myself for too cheap
As nobody asks what my price is
I pick pretenses that I can’t keep
Pretending it’s not identity crisis.

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Judas’s Kiss

A thousand-yard stare
Adorning a pale face
With bodies bare
In a warm embrace
Under satin sheets
Close and curled up
Playing with pleats
Rest of the world shut
And feisty fingertips
Exploring soft skin
Pair of luscious lips
Gradually inches in
But it’s not soothing
Something’s amiss
Ominous, foreboding
Like Judas’s kiss
Since both are coping
With a troubled past
While secretly hoping
For this love to last
As a night of rapture
Doesn’t stay forever
So they try to capture
Few moments together

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The Mermaid

A sailor sauntered the upper deck,
Voluntarily across the vessel,
Performing his daily routine check,
Away from the cabin’s hassle.
Standing solemnly at the ship’s stern,
He peered deep into the ocean,
Lost in thoughts but with eyes firm,
He noticed something in motion.
Beneath the waters within the wake,
Unbeknownst to him was lurking,
A creature of some lore from a fairy tale,
Watching him while he was working.
Yearning for a chance meeting with,
This man aboard the iron giant,
Supposed to stay a fantasy and myth,
This little mermaid was defiant.
However, her love remained unrequited,
Their union just a mermaid’s desire
As he didn’t come when land was sighted,
Beyond waters of the great sapphire.

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