Day: 8 December 2020

โ€˜I Enjoy Writers Whose Work Doesnโ€™t Insult Readersโ€™ Intelligenceโ€™

Author Marc Cavella might have begun writing at the tender age of ten, but he’d never taken it seriously until 2015 when he decided to leave a Clinical Psychology doctoral program to focus more on writing books. Speaking to the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction, the California-based author , who is looking for a cabin to rent in the general vicinity of Georgia and the Carolinas as one of the stories he is planning to work on is set there, says he generally writes at night right after he finishes with work. โ€˜I donโ€™t really have a schedule. though. If I get inspired and Iโ€™m not near my computer, Iโ€™ll write notes in my phone so I can work on them later,โ€™ he lets us know.

The Graveyard Breathes

Buried a little further, in sodden soils and balding grass, are the manifold agonies hardly ever silenced. These are the shadows that follow me everywhereโ€• etching themselves onto my skin, digging deep with their claws, infiltrating my purpling veins, rusting the way I see the world. They are the screams and wails that scraped my throat. Here lie the sins I havenโ€™t forgiven myself from, perhaps I couldnโ€™t, for ten, twenty, thirty more yearsโ€•not until the lips that utter the apology learn not to tremble terribly to speak of forgiveness.

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