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By the Water

I’ll sit with you a while my dear
As I often do
Look across the water clear
Turbulent serenity, blue
I’ll sip a morning coffee with you
Watch the passers by
I’ll hold your time written hands
And watch the flocking birds fly
You can rest your head on my shoulder
We can smile as the children play
Remember watching our own
As they’d chase the day away
We can lock our fingers together
As we reminisce a moment or two
How they grew, as did our love
A life of cherished memories with them I and you
And as you rest beside me
We’ll remember walking in the rain
The silly words we sometimes said
But how our love remained
And as you knit your hand in mine
As we have done so many times before
Meeting here, in our favourite spot
Just off the sandy shore
Watching the birds swoop
To enjoy the fruitful fair
Paddling in the water
Where the water was once there
I know the last few years I’ve had to carry you
Remind you of all that we are
But here I know you remember
life’s pictures don’t seem so far
Oh the days we’ve spent together
Walking along the waters retreat
Springs through to Autumn
So many have fallen at our feet
Not a single thing I regret
Not a single thing I’d redo
If I had the chance to walk this life
Again with you
So sit with me a while dear
We’ll watch the setting sun
Slip into the silky waters
Like many a time we’ve done
I’d sit here with you forever
Call this our place, our home
But without you here beside me
I’ll meet you here alone
Your name is inscribed at my shoulders
And I carry you here in my heart
You left this world behind you
So I’ll meet you here forever my love, my life, just as I did at the start

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Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

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