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BC Locke has always been fond of theatre arts, writing, and reading. ‘I would say I have been interested in these since I was five years old,’ begins the American author, speaking to the Literary Express in an exclusive interaction. ‘When I turned ten, I started picking up religious materials and Shakespeare and wrote my own poetry. Some plays and short stories too,’ he tells us. ‘And when I turned eighteen, I started writing hundreds of pages of stories. I wanted to make it my career. Between moving and travelling, I believe I enriched my style throughout the years. So, I believe I started to write when I was ten, but in actuality, I started shooting for the stars at eighteen,’ he explains.

Author B C Locke

A Short Story in 2018, a Novel in 2020 

Speaking about his published novel entitled ‘King’s Signet’, the author, who lives in North Carolina, says it was initially intended to be a short story for a fantasy magazine. ‘That was in 2018. But I kept on getting ideas while writing other pieces, so what was supposed to be a short story turned into a novel which I finally published in June this year,’ he tells us.

Stating that he loves the works of writers Maya Angelou and CS Lewis, who wrote small books that are still standing today, Mr Locke, who is a magical realm fantasy author working with adult themes at present, says that it is not the size that matters but how well a book is written. ‘If the writer focuses on quality, there is hope. I love JRR Tolkien and the person who did the Earthsea series. They created a world with languages, peoples, and philosophy that you can never forget,’ he says.

On being asked if becoming a writer was a conscious decision of his, the author, who grew up in Plymouth Massachusetts by the beautiful Billington sea, lets us know that he started publicising his works after turning forty-three. ‘Therefore, I made it my second conscious decision. I could not depend on the people that I thought were going to make me shine. I realised it was the writer that had to do it. No Editor! No Publisher! It is only the author. Once you get on top, maybe it is the editors, publishers, and marketers who are going to make you stay on top. That is a different story altogether,’ he says.   

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A Food Connoisseur Who Loves Playing Board Games

Does he have any hobbies besides reading and writing? ‘Of course,’ says Mr Locke. ‘I love to walk, cycle, and travel. Besides, I am a big food connoisseur. I love Thai, Mexican, and Mediterranean food. I am also a nature lover. Furthermore, I love playing board games, and I cannot live without miniature golfing,’ he shares with us. 

Be that as it may, the author goes on to divulge over the course of our interaction that he plans on writing ten ‘main novels’. ‘I am in this for the main haul of doing it. It is not for the sake of money. It is to influence one person at a time with joy. That is the thing that matters in life,’ he declares. 

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All’s Well That Ends Well

The author tells us about a few authors who had initially thought their books wouldn’t sell. ‘But they were proved wrong,’ he pronounces. ‘That is why you ought to read bios,’ he adds. He explains that author Stephen King once spilt beer on the paper manuscript of Carrie as he had thought the story was stupid. ‘King threw his piece in the trash. Tabitha, his wife, took it out of the trash, and it went on to become the number one bestseller. Also, author JK Rowling tried real hard for nine years before her breakthrough with Harry Potter. These stories are definitely something we need to derive inspiration from,’ he says. 

Letting us know that he tends to write between one and six in the mornings, he says he first scribbles ideas after getting out of the shower. ‘I get ideas only when I’m relaxed. Then I prepare a vague outline of the chapters, plot, and what the characters are going to be like. Of course, this will not be perfect,’ he tells us, adding that he tries to write at least ten pages a day. ‘Some pages turn out great and some are not that great. I don’t worry about all that,’ he explains. 

When asked if he has got any advice for budding writers, he says that writers must learn to surround themselves with people that believe in them. ‘Also, you might have to get a computer,’ he stresses. ‘Remember that it is your passion and observant nature that will make your writing come alive,’ he adds, bidding us adieu.  

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