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A Talk With My Night

It was two in the morning, and I was
Walking on roof in the moonlight.
Everyone was sleeping,
Except me and my night.

I was murmuring something,
And she came to me.
Yes, that was my night,
Which I was able to see.

At first she was wandering,
And then started walking with me.
Breaking her silence,
She started talking with me.

‘What are you thinking?’
Asked my night.
And I was lost somewhere,
Lost in a different sight.

She joggled me,
Where did I lose ?
And asked, in between silence
And words, what did I choose?

I told her,
‘I just don’t like you.’
You’re the worst part of the whole day;
You do fade away like dew.’

She, with a smiling face,
Pampered me and asked the reason.
I said, ‘For me,
You never bring a love season.’

Sometimes I’m totally unable,
To sleep all night.
With myself, at the time,
I often have a fight.

Whenever you come,
You only bring tears;
With some horrifying darkness,
You push me into fears.

Sometimes you come without stars,
At times you come without moon;
In summer you come late,
And in winter you come too soon.

You always bring nightmares,
That do not let me sleep.
I get lost in a melancholy,
And that too very deep.

For my exams and urgencies,
I have to stay awake the whole night;
And whenever I feel alone,
I find there’s no one to hug me tight.

Sometimes I think of my lost beloved,
And cry in the love causing pain.
My tears then fall on me like
A without weather rain.

Thousands of thoughts,
Do run in my mind.
And bad memories of my life,
Touch me, don’t let me unwind.

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Sometimes it gets very hard,
For someone to wait.
And at that time,
You also pass very late.

I can’t go for parties,
Nor can I hangout.
I can’t chill during that time,
With someone and without.

In my childhood, due to my fever,
My mom never slept many a night;
Now, you tell me, after all these
That I am not at all right.

I was then angry a little bit,
And she was silently listening to me;
Like it didn’t affect her,
Aah! How much tolerant was she!

She asked me if I was alright,
And if I was done with my complaint;
I with a light mind said, ‘Yes.’
And she started lecturing me like a saint.

She started with a start,
Said everything would change with time;
‘That’s why I disappear at mornings
And come at evenings with a rhyme.’

Answering all my doubts, she said,
‘If you find optimism behind every reason,
Trust me, you’ll observe that
Every day is like a love season.’

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‘While you are waking up, the one who awakes
With you, is none other than your night.
You never tried to find me around you,
That’s why, all alone what you do, is a fight.’

‘You never tried to find smiles brought by me,
You always went with your tears;
Find a light of hope behind the darkness,
And stop living in these fears.’

‘Both happiness and sorrow never stay.
This is what indicate the stars and the Moon.
Time matters to all of us; that’s why
Oft I stay and at times fade away too soon.’

‘With the nightmares, I play some lullabies,
To give you a sound sleep.
You never went through this aspect,
Just think, my dear, it’s very deep.’

‘You are to study in the morning,
Not await the silence of the night;
And you say about hugs, you never felt that,
Every night, your night hugs you tight.’

‘What if you made me your beloved,
I assure, you’d never feel pain;
And your tears will never then
fall on the ground like drops of rain.’

‘You may have many good thoughts,
And not one bad one in your mind.
Like bad memories, good ones also come,
And help you relax and unwind.’

‘Aah, I also know it’s harder,
For someone to simply wait.
But that’s an exam and actual fun of love
When I pass very late.’

‘Your parents are worried about your safety,
That’s why you can’t now step out;
Nights are made for sleeping,
Either with someone or without.’

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‘That’s nothing but the love of your mother,
That she woke up for you the whole night.
I guess I have given all your answers,
Now, tell me, whether I’m wrong or right.’

She left me with no more complaints in my mind,
And filled with me the best she could give;
But rather than implementing them, there was nothing
From my side that she could receive.

I smilingly remained silent,
Like a funny dummy.
And she explained all my questions
As if she were my mummy.

Aah! What a lovely night it was;
She changed my whole perception.
I was able to see the beautiful night,
Which was all in her, a perfect exception.

I thanked my night for talking with me,
Soon after our conversation ended.
I promised to never leave her because,
Leaving her will be like leaving those friended.

For that night, we both then,
Bid a lovely good bye.
And the Moon was still lighting,
In the infinite sky….

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