Abecedarian Poetry

A To Z!

Angered, Belittled, Chagrined, Depressed
By Christina’s Demanding Eyes,
Charlie Did Everything Flagrantly:
Dancing, Eating, Fighting Guys.
Eyeing Friends Gamble Houses
For Ghastly Hemp, Ice,
God!’ He Iterated ‘ Justified?’
He Isled Jacked Keys,
Identified Just, 𝐊ind Laymen;
Jumping 𝐊indling, Loud Monkeys,
𝐊indled 𝐋ove, 𝐌uttered ‘ Next’.
Left 𝐌ad 𝐍arcissistic Okes
Munching 𝐍ow On Pies;
Negated Our 𝐏roposals, Quotes,
Over 𝐏lanned, 𝐐uenching Rise’.
𝐏roudly Quizzed Rapacious Souls,
Quelled Rising Soldiers’ 𝐓ies.
Ravaged, Savaged, 𝐓roubled, Used,
Sounded 𝐓ense – Upped Vice;
𝐓rying, Ululating, Vexed, Withered
Under Vineyards 𝐖itnessed Xavis
𝐕ying 𝐖ith Xenurines Yellow;
𝐖onderingly 𝐗eriscaped, Yelling ‘Ziggies!’
𝐗ed Y‘s, Z‘s,
Yarded Zas,

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