Rhythmic and Metric

A Moment Lost To Time

Coordinates require input, chance comes accidentally,
Rendezvous a meeting point, you do saunter aimlessly.
Vector an interception course, we cross paths randomly;
Anticipation is foresight, I never imagined such beauty.

Innocent palpitations strike, overwhelmed in nubility,
Calibration nonessential, elegance exudes naturally.
Reason is the difficult part, am I thinking irrationally?
Infatuation happens, pubescence outgrows captivity.

Desire lost in translation; God, what’s happening to me?
Cannot understand, attraction’s growing exponentially.
Resistance futile, unconditional surrender I give freely,
Stay a little longer, for I’m helpless through invisibility.

Somehow you went away, disappearing into obscurity,
My only confession now: yearning for a crushed fantasy.


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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