Rhythmic and Metric

Fantasy, Love, and Imagination

Fantasy of Lost Love

Cold moon flows
touches bosom
our love sick fantasies
sculpts desire of swallowed fame
oh, long lost symphonies!

Curtain falls on blazing seduction
slaying us over and over again
lighting the dark, curse upon us
until shadows remain.

Dead snow caresses weeping river
seeking solace on our cemeteries
gusty wind fondles autumn meadows
bleed for vengeance, no remorse to keep.

Celestial yet so surreal desire
our love sick fantasies
saying hallelujah to rebel’s prayers
we bury all angel’s prophecies.

If I Were You

I would bring the Sun to you
I would get the Moon for you
tell the birds to sing for you
share a dream just for you

on your bedroom’s window glass
a morning tune I would write
all of your summer nights
I would be wake to count the stars

if the rain drizzles all day
and the storm comes on the way
I would fly to the clouds beyond hills
to wipe your tears away

but the Sun too weeps alone
for the Moon can not glow on its own
and the blinking stars all above
get lost on their way home

never thought, I would be so insane
even in dreams to endure such pain
never thought I would live just to die
If I were you, I would never fall in love again


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