Rhythmic and Metric

If Only I Knew

If only I knew where the sky begins,
and were I only ware of where it ends;
I’d state how many stars incandesce here
and also ’bout each thing that our earth tends;
The answers I shall give with no defense.

But do you think a person here exists
who might well figure out the only truth?
Forget about me, my associate dear;
I am a man who’s oft been called uncouth.
Accept that I am in a state of ruth.

Let me confide however in you now
and divulge thus to speak with stars I’ve tried.
So answers I have always sought, my friend
And often falsehoods from my soul untied;
You know well that to you not once I’ve lied.

Today though stand I here as a questioner,
willing to buy the answers you’re to give;
for I have no other option left but
to grasp from you how I shall have to live.
Important: I ask you to me forgive.

I start lending an ear to you right here,
aware that speak you from your little heart.
So say whatever you’ve desired to say,
forgetting that you’ve been killed by a dart.
Who has slain you is none but I, your part.


Image from Pixabay

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