Free Verse Poetry

Dawn and the Signature of Sunset


As the hour of dawn
Ever more imminent did draw
The lofty celestial expanse
Eschewed the tired robes of night
And discarded the redundant attire
Now much tattered
That to times nocturnal did pertain
Behind the veil of darkness
For now ’twas the moment the very moment indeed
That the mysteries unfathomable
Of the elaborate changeover imperceptible
From night to day were to be contrived
Whence daylight itself is induced
With not a soul about nor creature astir
For all were within their bedchamber sequestered
Supine and much aslumber
Beneath the cloak of indigo
That silently reposes about the shoulders
Of the somnolent world below
Until morning suddenly is nigh
In the finest robes of daytime berobed
At the very stage doors of the nascent day
The firmament in raiment of cerulean blue
For to gloriously emblazon
Verily aglow with gold a’gleaming
From the great daystar sublime

Image by Ralph Nas from Pixabay | FOR REPRESENTATION PURPOSES ONLY

The Signature of Sunset

The signature of sunset
In ink of crimson
Large is writ
‘Gainst the fading blue
Emblazoned far aloft
In yonder cosmic heights
For the realm much to delight
Adorning the taut sheet of linen
That from east to west does stretch
Above the seas a’sparkling
That in the eastern dominions celestial
Began the tale of day
At dawn’s early light
In a buttercup yellow penned
As a blaze of turquoises
Embellished the sky entire
The hours of day throughout
While etched in white
A languid trio of gulls
High in the monumental firmament
Did a’hover and a’linger
For to grace the scene awhile

Image by Public Co from Pixabay | FOR REPRESENTATION PURPOSES ONLY

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