The Questioning Soul

It was indeed the mountains
that obscured him while he traversed the planets;
The Sun reflected by many rivers
did keep him warm while the unending sky
studded with zillions of bright, colourful stars
complemented the beauty of his soul.

Body he had not, just soul;
for his body lay dead betwixt mountains,
his soul though levitated amid stars
as he chanced on peculiar planets
that floated harmoniously in the sky,
upon them flowed small water bodies – rivers…

‘Were I one of those rivers,
would I be a bound or a relieved soul?’
he thought, eyeing those waters from the sky.
And then he remembered the huge mountains
that seemed as though carved by unknown planets,
and tirelessly looked at by sparkling stars.

He heard one of the bright stars,
which said bide all by One’s choice, even rivers;
but the choices they make place them on planets
destined to float ever with many a soul
oft numbered at zillion by the mountains
that are watched forevermore by the sky.

Now mystified by the sky,
he bespoke the surrounding stars,
asking till when souls are wafted over mountains.
But he did notice it was the rivers
telling him a form’ll be assumed by his soul
so he may be born on one of the planets.

‘Oh! Why only the planets?’
he asked, this time responded by the sky
that stressed a soul was a soul was a soul,
and it could not survive the burning stars,
which after death fall onto the rivers
only to merge after with the mountains.

A soul can sight all planets,
and the mountains, he learnt, confide in the sky;
It is the stars that drown in the rivers.


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