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The night pulls in
And the sun makes way for the moonlit sky
October’s golden sun has said its last goodbye
And winter’s chill swirls in the breeze
Shaking the last remnants of Auburn from the trees
Lights in houses glow in the evening air
Shimmering black pavements, under branches bare
Children in soft woollen warmth to the chin
Kicking fallen leaves, the cold blushing their skin
And in the shadow of the night, and in a welly trodden park
Something is occurring in the starlit dark
In the centre stand a fire burning bright
Emitting a dancing glow of heat and light
Illuminating the faces stood around in awe
Waiting anxiously for what they’ve come for
Burnt toffee grins, and toffee apple hands
Silhouetted by a kaleidoscope of light from temporary stands
Hot chocolates, hot dogs and sweets make the sweetest smell
As the night air is aloud with the waltzing carousel
But this is not what the crowd awaits
It’s not the funfair, the stalls, the fetes
Atop the burning embers, for all to see
Is a legendary effigy, a fable of history
A tale of political triumph, and once warning to all
Turned into the night known and loved by us all
And so it begins with a whoosh bursting overhead
All colours of the rainbow, cyan blue through to red
And the crowd stare upward in collective awe
At the spectacle they see afore
Little children’s faces glow to the chorus of ‘ahhh’s’
As they watch the fireworks dance with the stars
With the smell of the fire filling the night
Cold toes and noses huddled in tight
A spectrum of colour in the swirls of grey hue
Smothering the horizon of its indigo blue
A night from our childhood that is ingrained in our soul
Is the night of the spectre of legends old
This is the night we’re told to remember in our history talks
It’s the fifth of November, the night of Guy Fawks

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Image by Bela Balla from Pixabay

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