Free Verse Poetry

There Was a Recent Day

There was a recent day
Cloaked in drab attire from a cheerless chamber
Where hung robes of mundanity
It was a time of dullness in both character and appearance
A portrait in monotony, a study in languor
The very antithesis of recklessness
Devoid of a penchant for abandon
Lacking in spontaneity and vim and acquainted with lethargy
A creature that obstinately refused
To abandon its predilection for inertia and lassitude
An expert in taedium vitae
Beneath a canopy of grey forlorn
Blanketed by clouds nondescript
Beset by all that was monochromatic
That afflicted the realm entire
One dour featureless interval episodic
When no hues sublime graced the skies nor the land below
When the dominion itself
Under the yoke burdensome of an unshakeable ennui
Struggled much awhile
For what seemed an eternity interminable
With only a distant remembrance
Of an age when the whole world partied in halls
Bedecked in festal hues beneath a canopy of myriad wonders
Until night fell at long last
Forever banishing the irksome misery
With promises of a bright new dawn
Upon the very morrow imminent

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Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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