Free Verse Poetry

We Against Us

Dazed in morbid hopes
real comforts made us saints
preaching random sugar-coated lies,
on what we fed
our precious greed
in this city of dreams
barely we survived clinging to life
hard to hold on, so sophisticated!

Unveiled bodies of angels
we dreamt,
wretched corpses of demons,
they sold
portraits of homeless vagabonds
we praised,
a shower of love
in the name of Lord they sold
for a splash of innocence,
we bid highest
and pure senility to us, they sold!

rats in the cage, all of us
outlawed by kings of our own
the God of war they called upon
stripped us down to the core
naked beggars of captive minds
hooked into that temptation
we kept digging down more
just to find our forlorn souls!
restoration of faith is a lie,
that sold no peace anymore…

the rage, we gulped down the throat
stayed sunken in the pit of the stomach
with guilt, forever fabricated
drowned our sorrow in a requiem
before the wild but inevitable deaths
we against us, so they manipulated!

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Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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