Free Verse Poetry

Treetops Crowned in Glory

Treetops crowned in glory and gold
Basked in the late afternoon sun
As the great day star
Pierced the glowing firmament
Of an autumnal idyll
With golden shards
That into fragments a’myriad
Did a’shatter
Dappled lights a’many
Like stained glass windows
For to let in light to let in
As liquid amber
Through the barren boughs
Did softly trickle
The fading monoliths arboreal to embellish
As stoical and proud they did stand
In the dazzling blaze of an autumnal sunset
A’flowing amid the gilt edged trees
As it silently gilded the bare trees
That stark and noble
‘Gainst the glorious skies did stand
Their aureate wreaths
From the lustrous celestial heavens to receive

Image by cadop from Pixabay

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