What Is Diwali? Why Is It Celebrated?

The Hindus of the world believe
a tale that’s often told to them;
It’s ’bout a saintly prince called Ram,
who’d slain those at Sri Lanka’s helm.

For those of you who might not know
the oft-narrated tale of might,
I wish to precis what transpired
for many a day then and night.

It is said that the God Himself
descended on Earth, took Ram’s form;
Was made to suffer hard we hear
by those who willed to break the norm.

Ram would soon have Ayodhya ruled
had He not been sent into exile;
He dwelt in woods for years fourteen
with his wife and brother agile.

It was during the exile when
the demon called Ravana kidnapped
Lord Ram’s consort christened Sita
in an airplane built well and wrapped.

To Lanka he took her away
and kept her in confinement there;
She, however, prayed to her Lord,
beseeching Him to lift the despair.

And meanwhile an army was formed
by the great Lord to save his wife;
Most in the army were vanaras
led by Ajesh, who tackled each strife.

Events many happened after
and came a day when Ravana met Ram;
A fight that’d last several days began,
surprising men and women not calm.

The day when Ram won the battle,
Ravana lay with his ten heads chopped.
Songs were sung as people rejoiced;
Light defeats darkness now grasped.

What came to be known as Diwali
is this day when Ram did return
with his chaste consort and brother;
To rule Ayodhya now his turn.

But the story doesn’t end there,
for the meaning is abstract too;
The triumph of good over evil
is narrated through a story true.

We’d better not forget the importance
of this tale of valour and sway
lest we should lead miserable lives
going hither and yon, thus astray.

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