Like That Only


The night pulls in and the sky is dark
And the Sun has long since set
The light of the moon behind heavy clouds
Muffled beams on black pavements pirouette
Shadows lurk and impose their gloom
The bite of a winter that’s on the prowl
Sends shivers down your spine
Ears pricked, eyes wide through a salty scowl
The wind swirls in whispered whoops
Bending the trees in contorted silhouettes
Bowing and creaking under the strain of their weight
Masking all other hush with its imminent threat
It’s All Hallows’ E’en and the monsters are out
Come to creep in the land of the living
With an appetite for an easy victim
Thinking it’s child’s play, one would be forgiven

Don’t close your eyes tonight my friend
In the darkness you’ll find me there
When the hairs prick up on the back of your neck
Look harder into the dark spaces if you dare
Allow your eyes to see me once
And feel me pull you from your soul
I’m the horror of your night mares
I’m the darkness in every story you’ve told
Just when you think you’re safe
And you pull up your sheets around your chin
Look a little deeper, listen a little harder
I am there all along. I am waiting
You see Halloween is when the monsters
Come out to prey tonight
Close your eyes if you dare
Check under the bed, turn on the light
Hear the wind hush my creeping
See the shadows hide me from view
But knowing that when you’re sleeping
Is when I am standing right next to you

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