Winter Is Here

Comes again the winter,
bringing to towns darkness
The Sun covered by clouds
tries hard to scatter light;
The light braves the dense fog
Watch I the brumous sight.

I wonder if this sight
that’s beheld each winter
leads to differing thoughts that fog
some minds frayed by darkness
and a few that loathe light;
It’s known the Sun bests the clouds.

But let me say what clouds
my mind, spirit and sight
barring entry to the light
of wisdom each winter
and unleashing a cold darkness
that has friended the fog.

It is the presence of fog
making me trow I bide on clouds
that see nothing but darkness,
obscuring thus my sight,
reminding me it’s winter,
and saying I deserve no light.

But I know exists pure light
that can dissipate this fog
even in the harshest winter
when you see just snow and clouds
offering you a logy sight
and portending a time of darkness.

But this very darkness
will soon lose to bright light;
It’ll make me witness a sight
that’s devoid of mist and fog
and also darkened clouds
that languish when ends winter.

What I sight is nothing but darkness,
for the winter does insure the light;
The clouds may stay as I brave the winter.

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