Free Verse Poetry

In the Earthly Realms

In the earthly realms
‘Neath the vast firmament
Of mountains and valleys and fields
Forests and rivers and oceans
There mingle mists and shadows
That from aeons and ages past
Ever have all creatures intrigued
In some much fear evoking
While others have seamlessly enticed gladly been
Into the myriad swirls and mysteries
Deep within their walls intangible
In whose enigmatic mystical dominions
Of otherworldliness impenetrable
Where reality and impossibility oft do meet
Their exchanges and wonders unutterable
To each other for to impart
A sense of wonder and awe to evoke
To the people who dwell
Within the walls of reason alone
Where fact material is sole king
In a land of lack of much more
Than mere words could ever convey
The glad tidings of another reality to bring
Their lives hereafter for to bless and to enhance

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